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Drum rolls please.

The best brownies of the season are here.Announcing here my sinful dark chocolate brownies.No,not just another brownie recipe,these brownies are exceptional.They are completely VEGAN and that would mean these chocolate brownies are naturally egg free and dairy free.Plus they are also gluten free (GF) and refined sugar free.In short,these dark chocolate brownies are completely plant based,healthy and are made with unrefined and unprocessed ingredients.



Coconut oil

Jaggery powder / palm sugar

Date syrup



Now you would think how these unconventional brownies taste like?Let me assure you these gorgeous beauties are as deliciously fudgy,chocolate y,就像conventional brownies and just the way I always like my brownies to be.富有,dark,super moist with soft gooey center,luxuriously soaked inchocolates,indulgent and utterly sinful.
These decadent brownies in one word are just …mmmm.

Brownies are like those luxuriant dreams,full of opulence,beauty,goodness that keeps your faith in the beauty of life itself.When life gives youchocolates,,make brownies and follow your dreams because they are more real than the reality and are close to your self.

vegan gluten free chocolate brownies

For long I was dreaming of making a healthy version of brownies.I had this vision many times and whenever I see my baby reaching out for the freshly home baked brownies andcakes,my heart delighted with pleasure,my eyes twinkled with joy but at the same time somewhere in the deep recess of my heart,I had this guilt feeling too.Are these processed foods good for her??

She is just 18 months now,但迟早她会踏入这个充满加工的世界,refined food that are laced with countless number of chemicals.I certainly can not prevent that because our lives are full of processed and junk foods.我多么希望用魔法棒,就像童话里那样,I could transform the world into something that is healthy and sustainable.But that is not easy.I know that.Living in a country like India,I hardly have any options.

But there are moments in your life,when you just want to follow your heart.And finally one winter morning,that magic happens,that vision comes to reality,the recipe that I was working for long has finally spell success and nothing could beat that joyous moment.

vegan gluten free chocolate beetroot brownie recipes

But it wold be wrong to say that I had created this recipe.在最后确定我的食谱之前,I had read score of blogs that are dedicated to vegan-ism,recipes that are gluten free,不含加工成分(因此不能称为单一成分)。blogs that selflessly decoded the baking techniques with unconventional flour,甜味剂,fat etc.事实上,这个食谱是从你们许多人(我谦虚地向你们所有人鼓掌)那里得到启发的。who days in and out strive continually to find out a better alternative to make this planet more sustainable and healthy.

纯素烘焙不容易。无麸质烘焙很难。在烘焙过程中使用未经加工的原料需要对烘焙过程中科学的细微差别有更多的了解,technique that require trials and errors until you come to an optimal solution.

Here I will decode each of the ingredients listed to make this beautiful and indulgent brownies,so that you can too adopt as it is,或者可以用性质和特点相似的原料进行试验。


The basic brownie recipe,apart from chocolates would require refined flour,鸡蛋,糖和油/黄油

Gluten free flour–在印度,gluten free flour is largely not available except few high end gourmet stores at a steep price.The best gluten free flour that is readily available too is chickpea flour or besan,天然无麸质,high in protein,iron and fibers and is almost a staple in  Indian homes.因为它具有极强的约束力,chickpea flour is best suited as gluten free flour in cookies,quick breads,布朗尼和松饼。In brownies,the flour requirement in general is less than a cup.所以鹰嘴豆粉最适合做巧克力蛋糕。

Vegan baking

1)Egg replacement– it is good to know few egg free baking recipes,and most of the time I get requests from my readers about the suitable egg replacements,otherwise we love eggs in our baked products.The best vegan option would be flaxseeds that I haves used many times.And it is applicable only where eggs are not used as leaveners but as a binding agent.因此,对于布朗尼,一大汤匙磨碎的亚麻籽可以代替一个鸡蛋,而对于非素食烘焙,我会使用浓稠的原味酸奶。

2)Vegan butter / fat –there are lots of varieties of vegan butters available,but my choice would always be organic cold pressed coconut oil because that is one of my pantry staple too.

Sweetener– refined sugars are fine but if you want to make it healthy,尤其是如果你每周至少烤一次,sooner or later you will reach out for some healthy and better alternatives.My choice would be palm sugars / jaggery and coconut palm sugars.这两个都是印度家庭的主要食品储藏室。

Syrup– as brownies are almost liquid free,and also if it is egg less too,you will require some thing to add enough moisture in it.Syrups are best.I usually add honey as it makes the baked goods super moist.But my most loved vegan syrups are date syrup and molasses.These two are again my pantry staples.

Beetroot–自从我在蛋糕和布朗尼中发现巧克力和甜菜根的神奇组合,I am basically addicted to this.Beet roots not only add ravishing deep red tone to the brownies and cakes,but it also adds lots of moisture to the baked goods.

Vegan Dark Chocolate Beetroot Fudgy Brownies {Gluten Free} Recipe
Cook time
Total time
配方类型: Dessert
美食: 美国人
Serves: 9
  • Chickpea flour - ¾ cup
  • Cocoa powder,Dutch processed - ½ cup
  • Beetroot puree,cooked - 1 cup
  • Flaxseed (ground in place of eggs) :3 tbsp
  • Coconut oil (liquid form) : ½ cup max
  • Sugar / palm sugar / brown sugar/ coconut palm sugar/ jaggery powder (granulated) - ½ cup
  • Date syrup (non-vegans can use honey) : ¼ cup
  • 黑苦乐甜巧克力-100克
  • Vanilla extract - 1 tsp
  • Baking powder - 1 tsp
  • Salt - a large pinch
  • Mixed nuts (optional)
Pom-chocolate drizzle
  • 石榴糖浆-3汤匙
  • Chocolate chips - ½ cup
  • Vegan butter / coconut oil - 3-4 tbsp
  1. In a wide bowl,量一量鹰嘴豆粉,彻底筛过。
  2. Now measure the sifted chickpea flour again (you will find the true measure of ¾ cup now) and sift it again with salt and baking powder.
  3. Sift the cocoa powder and add it to the chickpea flour.
  4. 加入亚麻籽粉和甜菜根浆。
  5. In a double boiler,melt the chocolates.
  6. 加入椰子油,vanilla,date syrup and palm sugar granules and blend well.
  7. Once it is thoroughly mixed,将这种液体混合物加入干面粉可可混合物中。
  8. With the help of spatula mix the batter very well and till everything comes together as a solid homogeneous mass.
  9. This brownie batter will be thick and non flowing type.
  10. Line the brownie pan with a parchment paper.这是必须的。
  11. 在抹刀或手的帮助下,将奶油面糊铺开。
  12. 把它调平,现在就可以在上面撒些坚果了。
  13. Bake in a preheated oven @ 170 C for 20 minutes or until the cake tested inserted in the middle comes out clean.
  14. The brownies will look very fragile in the beginning.Let ti cool completely before slicing it up.
Pom-chocolate drizzle
  1. 放在微波炉的安全碗里,在微波炉中融化巧克力和黄油/椰子油30秒。
  2. Add the pomegranate molasses.
  3. Now whip it up really well till you get a silken ganache.
  4. Drizzle the brownies only when it is completely cool down.

Do tag us @必威chinasaffronstreaks on Instagram if you try any of our recipe.Also you can share your queries here as well as on our FB page too.

Happy indulgent week ahead,,



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    Bhumika Tripathi
    March 2,2018 at 1:50 am

    Hi Sukanya,where do you get date syrup??

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      Sukanya Ghosh
      March 2,2018 at 6:54 pm

      你好,布米卡,date syrup is easily available in India.You will find it in most grocery stores.I have used Lion's date syrup and is one of my pantry staple.If you are living in Western countries you can easily substitute it with maple syrup too,会产生轻微的味道,但应该没问题。

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