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How To Make Perfect betway88.comBengali Spongy Roshogolla


Happiness is –"…making perfect spongy rasgulla every time."今天我要向大家透露制作完美罗斯霍戈拉的所有细节和秘密。


As I am hard pressed for time and too tied up with many things at this moment,will keep the post to the point.关于红嘴鸥的历史和起源,已经写了很多书,so I am not going into that discussions at all.有时这样的讨论会带来不必要的不愉快的味道,and am sure no one will love that kind of things to be happened with rasgulla,which I guess had won many hearts through out its journey spanning centuries.

Making rasgulla is perhaps the simplest thing ever and needs no recipe.Because boiling the chenna balls into sugar syrup hardly qualifies for any"recipe".Yet,people fails many times,包括发明者在内,人们还没有完全掌握技术。


是的,在家做红嘴鸥更多的是技术,rather than any recipe.

Let's start with zen and art of making perfect roshogolla.


超级柔软的,juicy,spongy,入口即化,有点嚼劲。Not the kind that you get in most of the sweet shops in India that taste much like cardboard.


A high quality rasgulla or roshogolla is made of pure chenna (99%) only.roshogolla不含任何发酵粉或苏打粉。事实上,我laughed out loud when I first read a recipe that tells you to add baking powder to rasgulla to make it puffy.

Why rasgulla puffed up in sugar syrup,是纯粹的科学,我改天再也不谈别的了。

how to curdle milk,陈纳方

Let's begin with –  finding out a perfect technique to make white spongy rasgulla by deconstructing all the elements that involves in making roshogolla.

Milk :an important element and ingredient.Most of my previous failures were due to the kind of milk I was using for long.I changed the milk and my"罗斯霍科拉的进度条到达了中途”.

Only pure cow's milk is all you need to make rasgulla.No homogenized milk,由于热处理等原因导致脂肪分布不均匀的无调色牛奶。

Milk fat is another important thing to consider.太少的脂肪和太多的脂肪对你不起作用。The milk that I use for making rasgullas contains 3-4 % fat.

如何凝固牛奶:this is again an important step.Unlike paneer (how to make homemade paneer here),here you need soft cushion like chenna.Hard chenna will not yield soft rasgullas.Details are in the recipe section.

Sugar Syrup: 我们都知道如何制作一种基本的糖浆。But for rasgullas,我们需要完善糖和水的比例。我们需要的红嘴鸥糖浆应该是非常轻和水的类型。1:5到1:7之间的任何事情都适合你。That means,for every cup of sugar add 5-7 cups of water.这个比例对我来说是可行的,你必须找到你的。Because we don't have any standardization in measures and kinds of sugar we all use.


Type of vessel for preparing rasgullas –

Most common choice in India to prepare rasgullas are pressure cookers.我也试过很多次,但从来没有得到满意的结果。无处,my rasgullas become triple in size,是的,使用压力锅可以节省燃料。Moreover,我觉得红嘴鸥在烹饪时需要更大的开放空间来自由活动,压力锅(至少是我的)不能提供足够的空间。

Space or volume of vessel you are going to use is another important factor while choosing to make roshogolla.我换成了张口扁平的卡扎伊,我的红嘴鸥高兴得鼓了起来,可能不是三倍大,但绝对不止是双倍。

best rasgulla recipe


1)Roshogollas disintegrates in sugar syrup–如果您的凝结的chenna中含有更多的水分,就会发生这种情况。Moisture content is another important factor that you have to take care of.You will be able to judge the required moisture content slowly and with practice.

许多人认为,红嘴鸥在糖浆中分解是因为它没有结合剂。相信我,粘合剂对这里没有帮助。I have made rasgulllas several time without using any binding agent and my rasgullas never disintegrates in syrup.

2)Rasgullas breaksinto two ( like two -three pieces ) after boiling in sugar syrup – this happens when rasgullas balls are two oily and less moisture content.While making the balls out of the kneaded chenna dough,you have to make sure that there should not be any visible wide cracks (very fine cracks will be there) in the balls.

homemade best rasgulla recipe

3)Flat Rasgullas –this one was the most irritating thing I was stuck with long.  I had applied all the tricks and followed all the instructions verbatim,无论专家们写了什么如何解决这一问题的平坦红鸥”.但对我来说什么都没有。

曾经,我已经放弃了做红嘴鸥,instead concentrate my efforts on perfecting rasmalai.

Then,one day I found my eureka moment.I changed the type of vessel I was using for so long to make the rasgullas.Moreover,我发现我用的牛奶中的CHhenna太软,脂肪含量略高于要求。and as a result rasgullas were not able to hold on to their round shapes.Once puffed up beautifully,they slowly become flat (much like peda shapes) .

So,I have started using barely a teaspoon of cornflour into the chenna dough and that solves my problem.因为我买不到其他的牛奶。我只能用那种牛奶,因为我没有其他选择。

Again,I am stating here,you really do not need any binding agent.首先尝试在没有任何粘合剂的情况下制作红嘴鸥,如果成功了,好的。Else,尝试添加绑定代理并查看区别。


steps of making rasgulla recipe

How To Make Perfect betway88.comBengali Spongy Roshogolla
Prep time
How to make perfect spongy rasgulla or roshogollas,可爱的孟加拉甜食。betway88.com
Recipe type: Dessert
Cuisine: 印度的
Serves: 18 pieces
  • 纯牛奶(脂肪含量3-4%,无调色和均质的):2升
  • 醋,white : 3 tbsp diluted in one cup of water
  • 糖:1杯(行业标准量杯,不要用茶杯)
  • 水:7杯(使用同一量杯)
  • 玫瑰精华:几滴
  • Cornflour : 1 tsp (leveled up)
  • nakul dana/ram dana:少数(可选)
  • Vessel : a wide open mouthed kadhai or similar kind vessel
  1. 把牛奶煮开。关掉暖气。Curdle the milk by slowly adding the souring agent.
  2. 加入起泡剂后适当搅拌。Go slowly and if it didnt curdle well,再加一点。
  3. The chhenna curds will coagulate and separate from the greenish whey.
  4. Strain the chenna in a soft cotton cloth.Wash the warm chenna under running cold tap water.
  5. 它会让辰娜保持柔软。
  6. Tied it nicely and hang the chenna for 3-4 hours or more.
  7. I usually prepare the chenna at night and hang it overnight.第二天早上,我准备了红嘴鸥。
  8. In a wide open mouthed vessel,(我用平底卡扎伊)把糖溶解在水中。
  9. 把它煮沸。
  10. I use one cup sugar and seven cup water ratio.
  11. This will take some time,so meanwhile knead the chenna with the help of your hand's knuckle and heels of your palms.
  12. Chenna will slowly change its texture from soft granular curds to fine textures.
  13. Sprinkle cornflour,如果使用并轻轻揉。
  14. 当你的手足够油腻的时候,停止揉捏晨曦。
  15. 把球做成小球,然后在每个球的中间塞进一片纳库尔·达纳。
  16. This is to get that hollow texture in the middle,like sweet shops.你完全可以跳过这一部分。
  17. Make sure that the balls do not have any visible cracks.细裂纹是好的。
  18. Drop a ball in the hot rapidly boiling sugar syrup.
  19. 十秒钟后,放下另一个,继续这个过程。
  20. 我用我的2升牛奶做了16只红嘴鸥。
  21. And my vessel can hold comfortable 9 rasgullas at one go.
  22. You should not overcrowd the space in your vessel.
  23. After adding the balls in sugar syrup,there should be at least ¾th space left for the rashgullas to move freely.
  24. Cover the vessel with a lid and let it cook on high flame for 4-5 minutes.
  25. 然后取下盖子,洒上或加入半杯冷水。
  26. 再盖上容器,再煮5-6分钟。
  27. 取下盖子,以类似方式加入冷水。
  28. 最后五分钟,我做了一个没有任何掩护的红嘴鸥。
  29. 这总共需要15分钟的时间才能把红嘴鸥煮熟。
  30. Every gas,每艘船都不一样。所以你得自己想清楚,要花多少时间。
  31. 注意-如何检查红嘴鸥是否煮熟。For that take a glass of water and drop a rasgulla in it.如果它漂浮在水上,you need to cook it for few more minutes.If it sink to the bottom of the glass,it is done.
  32. 将红嘴鸥放在糖浆中6小时或更长时间,before refrigerating it.
  33. If you want to increase the sweetness of the rasgulla,然后准备一种含糖量更高的浓糖浆。Keep that syrup warm and drop the freshly cooked rasgullas in it.

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