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Dudh puli pithe / rice dumplings stuffed with sweetened coconut – Sankranti special

Dudh puli pithe / rice dumplings stuffed with sweetened coconut for Makar Sankranti

earth gratitude

当太阳从一个黄道带迁移到另一个黄道带时,season changes,生命在前进,每年的这个时候再次感谢大地母亲为我们提供了丰收,shelter and bountiful of happiness.At the same time we must not forget that the highest appreciation is not to utter words but silently living by them,each day of the year.

And on this auspicious day of Makar Sankranti we wishes everyone health,happiness and peace.

在孟加拉,我们称之为poush sankranti,为了庆祝这三天,我们准备了一系列称为pithe-puliwith  freshly harvested rice,新的美洲虎或诺顿和椰子。There are two kinds of rice,depending upon the method of dehusking,一种是AATAP或晒干,另一种是SEDDHO或PAR煮沸。

As rice flour is one of the important component here,so many recipes of pithe use both the kind of rice to make fresh flour.Pithe made with freshly ground rice taste completely different from the ones that are made with store bought rice flour,因为这些是超细的质地,类似于普通小麦粉。

dudh puli pitha sankranti

In many homes,even now it is customary to make at least three different kind of pitha,the steamed ones likeAkshay pithawhich is as primeval as civilization itself,these are steamed rice cake with no stuffing and usually enjoys with jhola nolen gur or date palm jaggery syrup,followed by兰加·阿洛尔·皮瑟(甘薯是另一个冬季收获),巴哈琵丝which is made with mug dal (also known as nonta pithe in some homes),dudh puli pithe(用浓牛奶炖的水饺)和一直最受欢迎的gokul pith,克里希纳勋爵最喜欢的。Apart from these the quintessentialpatishaptaor rice crepes will be there too as without it nopithe parbon节日仍然是完整的。Some also makenolen gur er payesh or rice pudding with date palm jagegry.

Dudh puli or dudh puli pithe has two variation,一个没有填料,另一个有填料。许多人用粗面粉或东芝和米粉一起做这个老掉牙的普利皮他。粗面粉在牛奶中煮的时候会变得很软,就像米粉一样。The stuffing for all kind of pithe remains very much the same with little personal variation added here and there.无论如何,它都是用椰子和杂烩做的,还有一个习俗是coconut jaggery balls / laddooor gurer naru.

Now depending upon the type of coconut,some like to add milk to make it more moist.If the grated coconut is not milky and little on drier side,then while cooking,you can add few tablespoon warm milk to make it more moist.But if you are lucky to have milky coconut,the one that oozes out milk and is sweeter in taste,then no need to add extra milk to it.The coconut and jaggery mixture is spiced up with cardamom powder,I also uses a pinch of nutmeg powder too,it heightens the flavour to another level.

Check herehow to prepare the stuffing of coconut and jaggery mixturefor dudh puli

Before you start grating the coconut,put the milk to reduce as it is going to consume lots of time.To cut the reduction time,many uses condensed milk too,but in my humble opinion,这与减少牛奶后的味道和味道不符。If you want to use freshly ground rice,然后将米晒干两小时,然后在搅拌机中研磨,以获得所需的质地。fine or superfine,both will work.Dudh puli pithe加热不好,一旦放在冰箱里,它就失去了味道。So try to serve it fresh.

Dudh Puli Pith/椰汁汤圆-Sankranti特色
Dudh puli pitha or rice dumplings stuffed with sweetened coconut and jaggery filling and simmered in thickened milk.
Recipe type: Dessert
Cuisine: Indian
Serves: 4
  • Rice flour : 1 cup
  • Boiling water : 1 cup or more
  • Ghee : 2tbsp
  • 盐:一小撮
For thickened milk
  • Milk : 1.5 l
  • 豆蔻绿:4-5片
  • Jaggery(使用日期棕榈Jaggery):半杯
  • Coconut : 4 cup
  • Jaggery / gur: 2 cup or more
  • Nutmeg powder : a pinch
  1. Bring the water to rolling boil and slowly add the rice flour sifted with salt in it.
  2. With the help of a ladle try to mix it as fast as possible
  3. 一旦粗略混合,让它冷却,直到蒸汽停止流动。
  4. Grease the finger with ghee and knead the dough while it is still hot.
  5. 这是小困难的面团是热,but thats the only way to do it.
  6. Once the dough is kneaded,it will be soft dough,cover it nicely with a damp kitchen towel until ready for use.
Prepare the thickened milk
  1. Bring the milk to rapid boiling,reduce the heat and let it simmer on low heat till it reduce to half its quantity.
  2. This will take half an hour.
  3. You can check previous post on how to prepare the stuffing
  4. Divide the dough into equal sizes and make small balls out of it.
  5. Flatten the dough and with the help of your palm and fingers,把它做成碗状。
  6. 把填料放在中间,折叠它像新月形状。
  7. Wet your finger and seal the edges of the pithe,either by crimping the sides or with the help of fork.
  8. Put the puli in thickened milk,which you have kept in low heat.
  9. 让它炖5-7分钟。
  10. Once cooked,the puli will float on top of the milk.
  11. Remove it and put another one in the milk.
  12. Depending upon the size of the vessel,you can make it in batches.但不要挤得太紧,否则会坏的。
  13. Once all the puli is cooked through,remove them with slotted spoon and put it in serving dish.
  14. Reduce further the milk to desired consistency.Put off the flame.Add the jaggery and stir it well till the jaggery melts completely.
  15. Pour the thickened milk over the dudh puli.
  16. Serve warm or at room temperature.




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