betway88.com孟加拉语Nolen Gurer Payesh/椰枣布丁

betway88.com诺伦·古勒·佩耶什orchaler payesh/枣味/糖蜜布丁是孟加拉家庭在任何场合最受欢迎的甜点。betway88.comIf there is any dish that is as ancient as the human civilization itself,it is theparamanna or payesh or payasam or kheeras we commonly know it.Rice and milk boiled together and sweetened with sugar cane was the food that has been the traditional offering to the gods for thousands of years.孩子们在印度文化和这里的生日庆祝活动中吃的第一种食物,如果没有这些,仍然是不完整的。

betway88.com孟加拉语Chaler Payesh Kheer

But the most celebratory of this,specially in Bengal is perhaps the nolen gur er payesh or the khejur gur er payesh.绿油油的田野,手掌轻柔轻拂,椰子,date and areca nut tree,ponds tethered with fishing nets,泥屋,广阔的蓝天——那是孟加拉乡村的景色。

当冬天来临时,每一个渴望的灵魂都满怀希望地梦想着"RAS"the sap that is being collected slowly in the pots tied securely to the sky touching tall date palm trees.Somewhere in thealponaadorned courtyards huge preparation works would be going on.为这个目的而新建的泥土炉将准备好,巨大的铁锅或卡德海将被放在火上,慢慢地,收集在陶罐里的树苗将被倒在卡扎伊。A gentle stir in the vats,精确控制热量,and under the watchful eyes of a adroit housewife,slowly the sap turns magically into treacle,infusing the aura with its heavenly scent..this will then be left to set in earthen vessels and left to mature.



Luchi和Patali Gurer Payesh令人愉快的早餐仪式标志着许多孟加拉家庭的冬季星期天早晨。betway88.com真的,what could be the better way to start the day than this?新鲜的果味和神圣的戈宾多·博格大米(没有巴萨蒂不能拿着蜡烛)在一起,构成了一种香味和味道的美丽的香料。with divinity written in every morsel.

betway88.comBengali chaler payesh is also an important part of many pujo rituals like 科贾加里·拉克什米pujo.


betway88.com孟加拉语Nolen Gurer Payesh/椰枣布丁
betway88.comBengali nolen gur er payesh,米克尔配方与两个版本使用日期PLM Jaggery和糖。
配方类型: Dessert
Cuisine: Indian
Serves: 2
  • 牛奶:500毫升
  • Rice (gobindo bhog) : 6 tbsp or almost ¼ cup
  • 枣味/糖蜜(压碎):半杯
  • 糖/糖糖果(misri):3-4汤匙糖/2汤匙misri
  • Bay leaf: 1 or 2
  • 葡萄干和炒腰果:一把
  • 小豆蔻荚:2-3个
  1. 把米饭浸泡在水中30分钟。把水排干,再晾干几分钟。
  2. Take 500ml of milk in a vessel and bring it to the first boil.加入月桂叶和豆蔻荚。
  3. Continue with the boiling of milk till it reduces slightly or thickened a bit.
  4. 现在慢慢加入浸泡过的米饭,继续搅拌。用小火煮到米饭变软(直到米饭煮到60-70%)。
  1. Add the sugar now and cook for few more minutes till the sugar dissolves completely.
  2. 在这个阶段,大米会变得足够甜,payesh/kheer应该具有均匀的稠度。
  3. That is rice and milk should not look separated when pouring from a spoon.
Jaggery / nolen gur / date palm jaggery
  1. Take off from the heat and add the date jaggery,把它和牛奶充分混合。现在在一个非常低的热量继续搅拌,直到贾格瑞完全融化,并被纳入良好。
  2. 作为甜点或清汤,冷热搭配。
Few important notes:
Stirring continuously means do not leave it for few minutes otherwise rice and milk will be separated.
Rice should not be overcooked (rice should be cooked up to 80%).
If you melt the jaggery on a high flame,牛奶会凝结。Best practice is to crush the jaggery completely,把一勺牛奶加到美洲虎上,melt it completely and then add that to the payesh / kheer.I generally do not heat the payesh after adding the jaggery.

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    可爱的,please link this too to my event 🙂

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    May 23,2011 at 9:33 pm

    好布丁……love the jaggery taste in it…
    Event: Serve It-Chilled

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    i made it for d 1st time n was so tasty

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      thanks a lot Shiuli for trying out the payesh and letting us know your feedbacks.我们不知所措!!

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    谢谢。Was looking for this recipe.好博客也不错。

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